Up close profile picture of Nat Weaver. He has black eyebrows, dirty blonde goatee, long black sideburns coming out from underneath a brown beanie. He is wearing a black coat and behind him are woods.

Nat Weaver

Author and student.

Author of Mercedes Masterson Detective Stories, Sweet Sixteen Killer out now. Current English Language and Literature student at SNHU. @natweaver on Discord. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

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Sep 22

This month in the newsletter I looked back on a discussion regarding whether free books were hurting the industry.

Aug 9

I'm giving away free ebook copies of my first book Sweet Sixteen Killer this month. Click the link to my newsletter for details. I swear it's super simple. Codes expire August 31, so move quick.

Jul 25

July newsletter dropped today. It contains deep thoughts from Sylvia Plath and I discuss writing a book. Check it out at the link below.

Jun 24

I made it onto Bluesky via invite yesterday. It's interesting and promising so far. If you are on Bluesky, feel free to add me via the link.

Jun 23

The beta has long been over, but I ran into some technical difficulties during the feedback process. That is frustrating. But there was one piece of feedback that was fascinating and worrying, which I will be considering before moving to the next stage. Overall though, the feedback is that this boo...Read more